19 October, 2010

Rose Rehab Supports Prey Veng Supportive Homes

Rose Rehabilitation is currently endeavouring to support the maintenance of two Supportive Homes, one for female people with disabilities and one for male people with disabilities, located in Prey Veng Town, Cambodia. These homes provide a safe, supportive environment that allows their members accessible proximity to mainstream education such as High Schools, Universities and Vocational Training Centres in Prey Veng Town. The opportunity to attend school was previously difficult for these people due to them living in very isolated, rural villages without the means or accessible routes to such Education Centres.

These homes will also provide their members with the relevant skills needed to enable them to live independent lives and will encourage them to follow the natural progression for young adults and to break away from dependence on their families. They can now explore their capabilities and see what they can achieve through gaining a well-rounded education and equal access to employment opportunities. This program allows members to become role models - pioneers in fact - for other people with disabilities - showing them that they too can follow their dreams and can have the ability to lead independent and fulfilling lives, and in time will be able to generate their own incomes.

These boys and girls need your help - we currently have 17 out of 29 members that still require sponsorship. Sponsorship includes both living costs and educational requirements and equals approximately US$675/year for a girl (US$57/month) and US$815for a boy (US$68/month).

There are 18 girls and 11 boys respectively in the Supportive Homes which accounts for the differences in costs for living expenses.

Project Founder, Mr Ull Meng Hour outside the second building for the Girl's Supportive Home

The entrance to the new Boy's Supportive Home (they rent downstairs only)

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