20 September, 2010

Chan Chea - walking is in her sights!

So we're still plugging away with Chan Chea, who is desperate to walk! She talks about how she feels everything has improved - her ability to eat, drink, reach for things, sit up, move around - but what she wants even more, is to walk. And you see, this is a reasonable and realistic goal for Chan Chea. I believe she will get there. She believes she will get there. She practices every morning, and has the support from her entire family. The photo above was taken last week, where she was significantly improved. But today, she had improved yet again. Below you can see Sokny and Chan Chea's brother helping her to walk, slowly reducing the support required, and walking a lot further with less rests.

The video below was taken when we first arrived this morning - no warm up, no preparation. Chan Chea just stood up, and started stepping out from the bed on her own. Brilliant.

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