05 July, 2010

Jumpstart June

After more than 3 years of planning and preparation, the month of June 2010 has seen incredibly rapid production and construction of facilities for the First-Rose Physical Rehabilitation Centre. With the full support from the local referral hospital, Chey Chumneas, and Ministry of Health, we have been provided with a vacant space onsite at the hospital on which to build the Centre and therapy 'playground'.

Suitably, this space is located at the back of the hospital's surgical department, which matches in well with the project aims to integrate services with the government hospital and provide a comprehensive service for patients and the community. RoseRehab staff and volunteers will also be involved in training and upskilling of the local hospital staff.

Again today, Dr Kong Chhunly, Director of Chey Chumneas Hospital, expressed his gratitude to Rose Charities Australia for implementing the physiotherapy and rehabilitation project in Takhmao. He reiterated the great need of Cambodians with disability. There are no rehabilitation services such as this in the area, and many members of the community miss out on such services that can change their level of function, and their life. Dr Chhunly identified one of the major barriers as being a lack of awareness in communities about disability and appropriate therapy options. With the Disability Law implemented in Cambodia just last year, it is a sign that awareness of rights for people with disabilities is growing. A significant change.

Below you will see the progression of the construction from the vacant block it was in January 2010, to what it is so far today. Still a long way to go, but well and truly moving along.

So that's the story of therapy 'playground' development so far. The two pictures above were taken on the 5th July, 2010. Building commenced on the 17th June 2010.

But that's not all.....

Not only has the therapy area been in construction, but at the same time, a staff laundry and bathroom has been renovated. Previously a wet and dirty bathroom and laundry area with inadequate drainage and mosquito breeding ground (Chey Chumneas Hospital has has significant water problems and shortages - another issue currently being addressed), it is now well on the way to a simple, yet hygenic bathroom and laundry area. Renovations began after consultation with the local staff to ensure changes made we're suitable for them to carry out their daily duties. As an example, consideration needed to be made for space in the laundry for the staff to squat to handwash the scrubs. They were extremely happy with the proposed changes, the aspect most happy with - once renos completed, they will be able to lock away their washing soap in the laundry area. Something they have not previously been able to do, and the soap has always gone missing!!! Always interesting seeing the varied perspectives on what is most important for people in these situations.

The pictures below depict the speedy changes that took place last month, and are still continuing.

Plumb lines and bricks!

Many thanks go to all supporters and donors. Without such support and financial contributions, this development could not go ahead. These facilities are what your funds are currently contributing towards building, and are core parts to developing an ultimately sustainable therapy and training Centre for Cambodians.

Thank you so much.

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