02 July, 2010

Rose Rehab Cambodia at the 3rd Rose Charities Conference Phnom Penh June2010

Jo Thomson, of Rose Charities Australia presented the current state of her disability rehab project and outlined plans to expand infrastructure and physio program(s). Plans include, a) a development of infrastructure including the construction of a children's therapy playground in the grounds of Chey Chumneas Hospital, Takhmao. b) training of both physio as well as admin staff (Mr Kanarith has recently been employed as an administrator) c) establishing regular clinics d) instigating an outreach program (in conjunction with IMPACT) e) strengthening the physio networks within Cambodia. .
Jo gave a detailed outline of all aspects of the project to date. She also thanked
AYAD for assisting her in her work. Jo is seen in the photo above mid-left, in black

Joanna who normally practices in Western Australia made several assessment visits to Cambodia before gaining an AYAD (Australian Government) sponsorship to help upgrade physiotherapy services in Cambodia.

Rose Charities, and Rose Rehab Cambodia work as closely as possible with Government plans and programs. Sadly some organizations coordinate very weakly in this line. 'This does not help Cambodia in the long run' says Rose founder in Cambodia, Dr William Grut

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