21 July, 2010

Meet the Staff

Here at Rose Rehabilitation Cambodia, at Chey Chumneas Hospital, Takhmao, Cambodia, we have a small, but hard-working staff group. A Rose Charities Australia project in collaboration with Operation First Cambodia, the First-Rose Rehabilitation Centre is now well underway thanks to the efforts of all the staff. Dr Sarom is the primary surgeon with the programme, and the other pivotal staff members at present are our physiotherapist, Mr Leang Sokny, and Administrator, Mr Sarin Kanarith. Or Sokny and Rith. Sokny, our physiotherapist, has shown incredible initiative and drive since commencing his employment with us in early July. Sokny has a lot of experience working as a physiotherapist in Cambodia, and in 2008 completed the Advanced Certificate in Physiotherapy, an upskilling programme run by Singapore University, here in Phnom Penh. Sokny is showing all the qualities required to progress to becoming the primary physiotherapy trainer here at Rose Rehabilitation. Having observed him working with patients and children, I am so impressed with his level of clinical skills and almost even more importantly here in Cambodia, his genuine care for the children and patients, and his desire to help and do the best he can. His interaction with families and children is great. He is showing such promise, and I am excited to see how his skills grow and the ultimate benefit this will bring to the community.
Mr Srey Hoeurn, or Hoe, is a physiotherapist employed by Impact Cambodia, and is working with Rose Rehabilitation, and benefiting from Sokny's experience and skills. The aim is to progress the service to train more of the local hospital staff and increase the awareness and understanding of physiotherapy amongst both the community, and local hospital staff.

Rith has been with us for several months now, and is dedicated and hard-working, and keen to take on challenges. So smiley everyday, his skills are progressing considerably on the job as he tackles the financial and administrative management of a setting up a new local NGO (Rose Rehabilitation Cambodia), the product of Rose Charities Australia and Operation First Cambodia's relationship. Rith has completed a Bachelor of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development in 2009 in Phnom Penh, and is currently studying a Masters of Financial Management. Rith is also showing great promise for the organisation and I look forward to seeing his capabilities extend.

Rith (left), and Hoe
Sokny on the job with patients

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